Standalone Novel

Black Elixir

Genre: Fiction-Fantasy

Release Date/Cover Reveal: To Be Determined

Available in Paperback/Hardback/E-Book

The Dark Ages brought destruction to the world of man…

However, nothing that had come before was as terrible as the Black Plague. In a time that threatened humanity's extinction, alchemists worked tirelessly for a cure. For anything that would save them…

And they found it.

With an elixir that granted immortality to a select few and a portal that opened to another world, humanity fled to save themselves.

A lifetime passes before Alexandrine is born. The Dead Ages have turned the new world into a graveyard while those who cannot die hoard their sorcery. The Black Elixir corrupts the alchemists, and Alexandrine fights against them for her freedom. During battle, she sees an immortal man who triggers a lost memory—a memory from a life long past. She is drawn to Rune and risks death to question him about his role in her forgotten life.

Discovering their lost connection, together, they work to fix what has been wronged. But saving humanity is not an easy feat. Desire blossoms on this arduous journey, costing the world its freedom if the two saviors act upon it. What will it be in the end? Love or loyalty?