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Red Sand

The Creations Series

Book 1

Genre: Fiction-Fantasy/Mythology

Release Date: August 26th, 2019

Available in Paperback/Hardback/E-Book

"To win, sacrifices must be made."

Lilith awakens in a strange and mysterious world...

Earth—a place full of wonder and terror alike. The life around her calls to her for aid, but there is something holding her back. A man wants her as his, and she can’t deny the fact that she wants the same. But life teaches her a valuable lesson early on in her existence:

no one can have everything.

Will Lilith’s instinct to care for a vulnerable world outshine her desire for the man she longs for?

Only her enlightening journey through the ages will tell, and only then will she discover her true purpose through the trials of magic and sacrifice.

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Golden Light

The Creations Series

Novel (1.5)

Genre: Fiction-Fantasy/Mythology

Release Date/Cover Reveal: 

To Be Determined

"Like me, she had no heartbeat.

That could have meant only one thing."

You know how Lilith came to be—brought into existence by an unknown force and then made to struggle through the ages, caring for a world that didn’t return her love.

But have you ever wondered what lead her ancient mate to fight against her?

Do you want to know why he won't let her rest?

Here you will discover, not only answers to the questions you had from Red Sand, but the true nature of The First Man's soul.

Lucifer is alone. Lilith has fled to live her life in peace, hoping this will be enough to save Earth from a terrible ending. All she left him was Eve—a creation the world has never seen before. And despite Lilith’s intentions, Lucifer is not ready to let her go. He will stop at nothing to possess The First Woman and his only equal.

How far will Lucifer go?

You may know Lilith’s pain, but Lucifer’s is another story…

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Red Soul

The Creations Series

Book 2

Genre: Fiction-Fantasy/Mythology

Release Date/Cover Reveal: 

To Be Determined

"The determination of an immortal can save Earth or destroy it..."