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Red Sand

Readers' Favorite Gives 5 Stars

"Yes, I understood the natural world despite their horrific dispositions. I respected that they had only instincts to guide them. A simple purpose to fulfill: survive. But wasn’t knowing that fact what kept us from living in such a way? The fact that we knew the difference? The fact that we could be better? People were content acting like wild beasts, it seemed. That saddened me. They could have been so much more. Perhaps they still could." In Red Sand (The Creations Series, Book 1) by Anne MacReynold, the immortal Lilith constantly finds that existing on Earth has its wonders but also terrors; love and hate, trust and betrayal, life and death. Can she find her true purpose and guide humanity to its highest potential?

The combination of Jewish folklore, The Alphabet of Ben Sira, and the Greek mythology of Troy as the foundation of the plot is deftly done. I’m more familiar with the fictionalized versions of Lilith where she’s often envisioned as an unsympathetic, dangerous being. MacReynold's Lilith in Red Sand is undoubtedly fascinating and much more complex. This is a different and interesting take on Lilith’s tale including how Eve and Adam came to be. The different views of Lucifer and Lilith regarding life are intriguing, and how she handles and feels about immortality are at times poignant to read. Her genuine hope to lead humans to the right path is admirable. Simply put, this is a great start for The Creations Series and I look forward to the continuation of Lilith’s journey.

Sandy Reynolds at Amazon

Outstanding! A thrilling journey. Couldn’t put it down. Eagerly waiting for more! Love the author!

Brandon at Goodreads

I love how the author combines mythology and history to create one unique story. I haven't read anything else like it! I can't wait for #2 in the Creations Series!

Tamera Mapes at Facebook

This author has a wonderful way of taking you on a beautiful journey ... as I read Red Sand I could literally see the surroundings and characters in my minds eye ... I fell in love with Lilith and loved Adam's heart and softness ... what an adventure I cannot wait for the next book

BookKritic69 at Barnes & Noble

BEST BOOK EVER. Lilith is my hero no matter what she does! I understand her and I applaud the author for writing a character that's both mystical and real. She is so human yet she is doomed to live forever. My heart hurts and that kind of emotion is exactly what I look for in a book. Thank you Anne!

Anonymous at Barnes & Noble

An epic adventure! A journey through a magical world! Couldn’t put the book down. Waiting for more!

Anonymous at Barnes & Noble

I WANT MORE!!!!! So unique and engaging. There's both romance and action. Heroes and monsters. Can't wait to see what the author comes out with next!

Anonymous at iBooks

Epic adventure. Powerful and beautiful. Love this book. Love Lilith and the journey she travels. Can't wait for more!

BookCritic#1 at iBooks

Best book I've read in a long time! There was action and romance. Heroes and monsters. The range of human emotions were displayed all in this one book. Can't wait to read #2!